Civil Rights Practice: Defending Our Clients’ Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Attorneys from this Law Office have successfully prosecuted and defended various claims regarding our clients’ civil liberties and civil rights involving all of the foregoing in state and federal courts throughout the State of New York and beyond.

Civil liberties include those at the heart of personal and property rights casesĀ  J. David MacCartney, Jr., Esq., successfully contested the constitutionality of governmental action in an eminent domain proceeding, halting a municipality’s unconstitutional attempts to misuse and abuse its power of eminent domain to take our client’s property.

In state and federal court, our attorneys with our firm have also successfully prosecuted claims for violations of the Fair Housing Act and RLUIPA, as well as gender discrimination, and successfully defended claims for race discrimination against the Archdiocese of New York in the selection of players for a youth basketball team. Attorneys from our firm have also vindicated the First Amendment religious rights of our clients, including the right of a Christian group to display religious symbols on public property during Christmas, the right of a Muslim community to worship, the right of an Orthodox community to housing; the right of a political candidate to display campaign signs. Our attorneys have also successfully protected the property rights of gun owners from government interference.

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