Employment Law: Years of combined experience in Employment Law

Our legal team has many years of combined experience in employment law matters, both in representing employees who have been the victims of workplace misconduct, unfair labor practices, and civil rights violations, as well as advising and counseling our corporate and municipal clients so as to proactively assist them in creating, fostering, and maintaining a workplace that treats their workers fairly and in compliance with law.

The employment law legal services our firm provides include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Religious Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
Age Discrimination
Racial Discrimination
Gender Discrimination
Wage & Hour Claims, including claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act*
Contract Law
Contract Negotiation
Severance Negotiation
Non-Compete Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Employee Rights including Whistleblower Claims
Sexual Harassment
Workplace Violence
Qui Tam Actions

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