Bus Accidents

Buses are growing means of transportation, especially in and around New York City and the Hudson Valley. From children on school buses to commuters and others looking to save money or reduce their own personal carbon footprint, it’s clear that buses perform a growing and integral role in our transportation system. However, given their size and mass, buses bring an elevated risk of severe personal injury. If safety rules and regulations are not followed, bus passengers, pedestrians, and occupants of other vehicles on the road are exposed to a high risk of catastrophic harm. Our Firm specializes in investigating and exposing the safety lapses and violations that lead to bus accidents.

Buses can crash or cause harm in other ways for many different reasons, and not all those reasons are always easy to determine. Common causes include:

• Faulty parts
• Dangerous road conditions and intersections
• Drunk or impaired driving
• Distracted driving (cell phones)
• Reckless driving behaviors, such as speeding and following too closely

If you’ve been injured by a bus in motion (as a passenger, a pedestrian, or an occupant of another vehicle hit by the bus), or while getting onto or exiting a bus, you may have a claim. You need to aggressively investigate and pursue your rights, and we can help. Our firm is highly experienced and skilled at holding the busing companies accountable for the harm caused when they don’t follow the safety rules.

Our lawyers will investigate the accident thoroughly to figure out the cause. We will then aggressively hold those who caused the accident accountable. We relentlessly pursue maximum compensation for your injuries and other damages including:

• Medical expenses
• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering

Importantly, depending on who owns and operates the bus, you may have very limited time to act to protect your rights. In many cases, you must file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the date of the accident. It is therefore important you take immediate steps to protect your rights. Call us – 845-353-2000. We can help.