Tax Certiorari

Real estate property taxes are a concern for all of us. Our real estate property tax law services should benefit both municipalities and individual taxpayers.

Real Estate Property Tax Services for Municipalities

As to municipalities, we advise as to the laws and regulations governing proper assessment practices, provide updates as to changes in the law, educate as to how those changes affect existing policies and practices, and recommend modifications that ensure compliance. We also advise and assist municipalities in preparing for and participating in the various procedures before the New York State Board of Real Property Services, including advocating for equalization rates that impact the apportionment of taxes in school districts located in more than one municipality. We also represent municipalities in complex tax certiorari matters.

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Real Estate Property Tax Services for Residential and Commercial Taxpayers

Regarding residential property owners, no one disputes that many home values have decreased in the current real estate market. If you purchased your home at the peak of the market and your home has lost value in the recent economic downturn, your real estate property assessment may now be excessive.

Regarding commercial property owners, the proper valuation of a commercial building or land is always a concern no matter what valuation residential real estate cycles may be at any given time. Therefore, the equity and economics of commercial real estate taxation is an issue at all times. A fundamentally fair appraisal of commercial real estate property is not only a right of a commercial taxpayer, but a requirement for each taxing jurisdiction.

For Residential Taxpayers

We will review your materials to determine whether a challenge of your property tax assessment is appropriate. If so, then we will prepare and file a real property assessment complaint form with exhibits you provide at your local town assessor’s office. A set fee of $500 plus any disbursement costs covers review of materials and determination if there is a viable claim, and if so, preparation and filing of complaint. This set fee does not include our appearance on Grievance Day. The costs for legal services to appear on Grievance Day and other matters can be discussed with the attorney responsible for the work.

For Commercial Taxpayers

The nature and scope of legal services for commercial owners seeking to challenge their real estate taxes depends on the type of property, the history of assessments and the difference between current fair market value and assessed value. Individual consultations with each commercial property owner can be arranged by appointment.