White Collar Defense & Investigation: Experienced Attorneys and Investigators Defending White Collar Crime Allegations

Effective representation in a criminal investigation or prosecution requires not only knowledge of criminal statutes and rules, but experience with the offices and agencies that enforce them. In the case of organizations, it requires a lawyer who knows how to cooperate effectively, how to mount a vigorous defense, and when to do one and not the other. We have represented corporations, corporate executives, public officials, attorneys, and others in investigations covering a wide range of allegations such as tax fraud, bribery, bank fraud, money laundering, and others. Our attorneys and investigators work as a team to investigate the facts thoroughly and promptly to advise the client through every phase, including relations with the government, with witnesses, and with issues of publicity and public disclosures. We have had great success negotiating global resolutions of issues under investigation, often involving regulatory bodies in addition to the Department of Justice and other prosecutorial offices.

Choosing the right counsel early in an investigation is essential and can reduce the risk of formal charges. The course of a criminal investigation or civil enforcement and the charging decisions made are rarely inevitable. Our attorneys’ experience and credibility with government prosecutors has enabled us to reduce the damage and disruption caused by investigations and has allowed us to protect some clients from indictments or civil charges. Where we are unable to avoid a criminal or civil charge, we have attorneys with the experience to give proper advice about the risks and benefits of pleading guilty or going to trial, and we have the skills necessary to negotiate a favorable plea or settlement or take the case to trial. Our attorneys have been retained by Boards, their committees, and general counsels to conduct internal investigations of potential wrongdoing. The cross-roads of misclassifed employees, tax fraud, money laundering have fostered a greater cooperation of governmental agencies to identify and punish white collar crime.

We understand that the two most important attributes of any investigation are thoroughness and independence. Our experience enables us to efficiently gather and analyze information from witnesses and documents, make credibility determinations, evaluate how law enforcement officials and courts will view the activity at issue. Based on our investigative findings, we make sound recommendations on whether and how to disclose the results of the investigation. Our reputation for independence and integrity is a significant asset to our clients who must determine whether we should present our findings to the government. Our lead attorney, Donald J. Feerick, Jr., Esq., has even been hired to conduct investigations of municipal misconduct and to report and recommend on the investigative findings.

We also recognize that corporations would prefer not to have to retain counsel to conduct investigations and defend against criminal charges, and we advise clients about corporate compliance strategies that will reduce the risk of such outcomes. We have drafted and reviewed corporate ethics and compliance programs and counseled clients on compliance with a variety of laws including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and export laws and regulations. We also update our clients on new law enforcement initiatives, DOJ prosecution guidelines, and changes to the Organizational Sentencing Guidelines. Our attorneys are available to service clients with periodic needs, as well as in emergency and time sensitive cases.

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