Zoning, Planning, Land Use:
From Preparing and Processing Applications to Defending and Prosecuting Lawsuits on behalf of both Municipalities and Private Property Owners

This Office represents people, private and public entities, developers, and municipalities on projects ranging from applications for minor variances to applications for major subdivisions and site plans for commercial buildings, shopping centers, senior housing and single and multi-family housing developments. In representing Property Owners we have helped clients achieve their goals and avoid the loss of value or use associated with municipal zoning power at every level of zoning in accordance with existing ordinances and, where such is not in accordance, by pursuing relief such as a variance or special permit. On occasion, we have achieved the client’s goals by showing the zoning ordinance to be unconstitutional or illegal.

Our attorneys have assisted in the preparation of various municipal master plans. We strive to keep clients abreast of developments in a given municipality to ensure their goals and objectives are met.

We have significant experience in preparing and processing applications for zoning and land use approvals. We guide clients through planning, zoning, rezoning, subdivision, variance, special permit, telecommunication, RLUIPA, SEQRA and other processes. We have handled projects in the Empire Zones, Brownsfield program, and local development zones. With our proven record of success, we have successfully guided numerous clients through SEQRA regulations, wetlands control boards, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation and RLUIPA, among others.

The firm also often works for individuals, homeowners associations, and other entities aggrieved by land use or development applications which adversely affect the client’s property, the environment, or the community. The firm has been successful in defeating land use applications based on environmental and other planning concerns, as well as in securing adequate and appropriate measures to mitigate or otherwise eliminate the harm to be caused by abusive and overreaching development proposals.

We have also defended and prosecuted numerous lawsuits, through pleading, discovery, trial and appeal, on behalf of municipalities and private property owners. We offer a comprehensive perspective in this area having handled case and matters on both sides of the aisle.

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